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Massage therapist, knitter, baker, animal lover, reformed pack-rat, sometimes-dancer, car-singer, and so much more.

Oscar Night 2014!

It’s Oscar time again, and once more I’m nestled into my parents’ living room with the fam, munching on Chinese food and watching the show. – Ellen’s opening monologue was almost too kind, like they’re trying to come back hard … Continue reading

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The Smoothie Sessions: A Good Start

Well, my practice smoothie may not have been a winner, but this one was much better! As the weather warms up, I’ll start ramping up my exercise, so eventually I’ll need to start adding some protein to these shakes, but … Continue reading

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The Smoothie Sessions: Warm-Up

In March, 8 of my friends and I are starting a grand effort – we’re training for the Tower of Terror run in October, 2014!  Part of my training is going to be daily smoothies full of super foods, so … Continue reading

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It’s Oscar Time!

Ah the Academy Awards, one of my favorite nights.  Winter is long, and by this point it’s just grating on my soul… so I’m all for embracing a whole night of glitz, glamour, and sitting around with my family ripping … Continue reading

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Sometimes, it’s just not fair.

A friend of the family was diagnosed with creutzfeld-jakob disease, a prion illness similar to mad cow disease. He has months to live and will spend that time in a hospital bed losing control over his body and mind. I … Continue reading

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For The Birthday Boys and Girls: Root Beer Float Cupcakes!

Several years ago I got my hands on some root beer flavoring – an additive used in making sodas at home. I figured that it was close enough to an “extract” that I could use it to flavor some cupcakes! … Continue reading

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Lessons about Loss

I do not like people who take someone else’s tragedy and make it their own. You know the kind of people I’m talking about. The ones who instantly co-opt a death and turn it into their own personal sob story, … Continue reading

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