Oscar Night 2014!

It’s Oscar time again, and once more I’m nestled into my parents’ living room with the fam, munching on Chinese food and watching the show.

– Ellen’s opening monologue was almost too kind, like they’re trying to come back hard from some of the snarkier hosts… but I like it. I like her. So we’re all good hah.

– Jordan Catalano just won an Academy Award, yo. Dear 90’s me, you’ll never believe what just happened! They let him talk longer than I thought they would… but he had some good stuff to say, go Jared 🙂

– Nice shimmy, Meryl! Way to start the show with such a fun song in the first half hour.

– How many more times will Ellen reference Jonah’s penis?

– Harrison Ford’s earring & goatee & hairstyle all combine to form an interesting… image.

– Oh Kim Novak. It’s hard to look at you, dear.

– French animation nerds, I ❤ you. The only nominee out of that group that I saw was "Get A Horse", which was awesome, but I really ought to make an effort to see some of these others. I know I say that every year, but… yeah.

– I know who **I** want to win best feature… I love Despicable Me, and I love that they're nominated, but it's gotta be Frozen… and it is, yay!

– I adore Sally Field's dress, that beading!

– This "heroes" montage is like a list of my favorites and a list of what I should be watching. Awesome.

– Seriously, HOW did the Lone Ranger get so many nominations?

– How to tell you're a nerd? Your favorite movies are all nominated for visual effects and tech awards.

– I'm sure Gravity deserved it, but it would've been SO cool to see Star Trek win an Oscar 😉

– Karen O, not yelling. Odd.

– Every year, somehow I forget just how awkward and stilted all the presentations can be. Every year it surprises me when everyone seems ill at ease, fumbling through their words. Such is the Oscars, baby.

– When Ellen offered pizza, Kerri Washington's hand went up ALMOST as fast as Jason's. Awesome.

– So that singing was a little awkward (20 feet from stardom), but Bill Murray stood up SO fast. As dad said "that was awkward, I'm for it".

– I love Kevin Spacey's voice, he's just a pleasure to listen to.

– Oh Tyler Perry. I've heard you've done some decent stuff, but there's just SO much crap, it's hard to wade through. Your name just kind of makes me want to roll my eyes.

– U2, you still bore me. Sorry.

– That McDonalds commercial was pure genius, seriously. "Mine took video."

– That group selfie was lovely! Jennifer Lawrence was sitting on Meryl Streep's lap… then Cumberbatch photobombed Brad Pitt. ❤

– Ok so as much as I know Lupita is going to win, she's gotta, but I would really love to see Jennifer Lawrence pick up another Oscar. This is one hell of group, they should just all win. And there she goes, congrats Lupita!!

– Ellen actually did it… Brad Pitt is passing out paper plates while the pizza delivery guy distributes. This is fantastic. This whole family is VERY worried about whether or not Kerri Washington will get her slice!!

– So, this new motion picture museum? That looks *amazing*, I WILL meet there in 2017!

– Bill Murray & Amy Adams, lovely. "You're the brains, tell them about the shooters". And then he adds in Harold Raymis for Caddyshack, Ghostbusters & Groundhogs Day! (Cinematography.) Presh.

– They played "Cups" when Anna Kendrick came out, nice!

– I'm still not sure yet whether this Wizard of Oz tribute is going to be painful or awesome… let's find out! Alright, Pink, home run. Beautiful.

– Ellen is working those wings, love the Glinda outfit!

– Garner & Cumberbatch in the same place, be still my heart! I love you both, and your cheekbones.

– Set design and production to Gatsby. It may not have been an amazing movie, but Baz knows how to do *beautiful*.

– Another Heroes montage, another long list of loves and want-to-sees!

– Another great commercial, the mini Pepsi can!

– Carmen Zapata, It's still weird that we lost Paul Walker, Peter O'Toole, Richard Griffiths, Sid Caesar, (The battlestar galactica/star wars designer?), Esther Williams… Aw, no Ralph Waite.

– Bette sounds amazing, but it looks like she had trouble opening her jaw! And the arrangement was terrible… but again, she SOUNDS amazing.

– I'm not sure what Travolta said when he introduced Idina, but that's ok. It's Frozen time! … rough start for her, but she really shines on the high notes anyway, wait for it… Damn girl.

– Jaime Foxx brought his own theme song. Ok so it was borrowed from Chariots of Fire but it's all good.

– And any oscar goes to… Gravity! 😉

– I pretty much want anyone but U2 to win best song… and it goes to Frozen! I’m so glad it did, because their speech was amazing! They have the two luckiest daughters. Let’s do frozen 2!

– Ellen passing the hat… boy that lady can get away with just about anything. Lupita’s lip balm!

– Writers are weird, ’nuff said, you know I’m right.

– Sidney Poitier, it was LOVELY to see you tonight.

– Was not expecting Daniel Day Lewis!

– McCannaghey has really come along way while still being the exact same guy. Alright 😉

– Will Smith gives the big one… “And the Oscar goes to… 12 Years!” Congrats, wow! Somehow I didn’t know Cumberbatch was in it… now I suppose I must go see this movie.

– Well, that was lovely. Another year well done.


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