Love Deserves a Closer Look

Jason and I aren’t getting married in a church, so we’re not required to take pre cana classes – however, we still believe that our marriage deserves just as much work (if not more!) as our wedding, so (like so many other things!) we’re doing our own DIY pre cana.

While some may prefer to go the route of one judge and a few witnesses, to me weddings are meant to be a very public event. Yes, you’re giving a very personal promise but it’s also a time when you invite your friends and family to become a part of your relationship. By having them all as witnesses to those promises, you are asking them to help you uphold your vows and support you in your new life.

In thinking about all this, I decided that the best way to do so might be to start reaching out to friends and family *now*, and ask them to be our guides, our role models, and our teachers.

To that end, I’ve started coming up with questions to ask through facebook and will be sharing the answers, and my thoughts on them, right here as they come in. Stay tuned!

Question 1, 2/9/12
About weddings – Married folks, what’s the one part of your wedding day that turned out better than you could have imagined? The part that’s the true stand-out memorable moment?

Question 2, 2/10/12
For the married folks, again, I have a two-parter! What’s the one thing you *stressed* about before the wedding that, afterwards (or during), you realized was just not that important? AND if you could change/cut out one thing from your wedding day, what would it be?

Question 3, 2/15/12
What is the most important (to you) financial lesson you’ve learned from married life?

Question4, (TBD)
If you could magically send a short message to yourself, to be read the night before your wedding, what would it say?


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