Artie FAQ

Every time I post new pictures of Artie the Wonder Dog, I get the same questions. So I says to myself, self, the best way to deal with this is an FAQ!

Artie and me in January

1. Wow! What kind of dog is that?
Artie is a briard, a rather fascinating breed with a very interesting background! According to Wikipedia, “this ancient sheep guard and herder has … been used by the French Army as a sentry, messenger, and to search for wounded soldiers because of its fine sense of hearing.”

Artie's Easter Flop

2. Is he yours?
No, unfortunately, that particular bundle of love lives with my Aunt and Uncle up in Massachusetts.

Artie and Dad at Easter

3. Is that a muppet, a wookie, the hair-bin at a salon?
None of the above! Jason thinks Artie walks around with his tongue hanging out to help clarify the whole dog-thing.

Any questions?


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Massage therapist, knitter, baker, animal lover, reformed pack-rat, sometimes-dancer, car-singer, and so much more.
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