Food is For Fuel

Losing weight is like starting to unwrap a present on Christmas morning with the knowledge you might be unwrapping it for the rest of your life.

I found that on Fitocracy’s spotlight of one of their members, Vainglory. His story is one that I can’t directly relate to, but I’m sure many can. With the help of and fitocracy he is down to *half* his previous size. Wow. If you want to know more, he has his own blog at

Vainglory's Before and After

Fitocracy is an intriguing site… I didn’t look around much, but it looks like it’s essentially a massive fitness game! It’s not open to the public just yet, but I requested an invite 🙂

I’ll have an update later about my own progress, I just wanted to share this lovely little morsel.


About Alice

Massage therapist, knitter, baker, animal lover, reformed pack-rat, sometimes-dancer, car-singer, and so much more.
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4 Responses to Food is For Fuel

  1. Vainglory says:

    Thanks for spreading my story 🙂 — This code should have quite a few invites left on it. Follow me on Fitocracy when you join 🙂

    • Alice says:

      Thanks so much, I really appreciate it!

      And once again, wow.

      I’m down 10 pounds so far, and your quote about weight loss as a present really resonated with me. Even if I’m not losing as quickly as I’d like, I’m still losing, and I get to continue to unwrap this gift every day!

      • Vainglory says:

        Awesome 🙂 My wife started with me and has dropped 80 lbs so far — it seems like women have a harder time with cravings but she’s still kicking ass. I think you will too. Biggest thing is to not lose focus.

      • Vainglory says:

        Woops, posted too fast! The big thing is not punishing yourself for losing focus, so you don’t try to avoid punishment in the future by quitting.

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