Occupy in the News

Mark Ruffalo (a charming man who I was already quite fond of but now love even more) wrote a great article for the Guardian (<- link) regarding his experience with Occupy Wall Street. He spent some time at the park, spoke with a lot of protesters, and seems to have gotten a better feel for what's really going on than most of the news outlets. Well done, Mark!

In other Occupy news, there seems to be something interesting going on with the MTA (<- link). It seems they have decided they'd rather not be transporting arrested protesters for the NYPD. I really like that they made this choice!

One thing I don't like, however, is all the cop bashing I hear, especially when it's coming from Occupy Wall St supporters. There are some cops who are irresponsible and too quick to physical force, but there are also some protesters who scream and throw garbage at cops, government officials, anyone who gets in their way. I refuse to let a few bad eggs get in the way of the message *you* (Occupiers) want to get across, please extend the same benefit to the NYPD. Many of them, I'm sure, wish they could be right there next to you holding a sign.


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