Natural Selection, Yo

I just finished my first paper for “The Darwinian Revolution” and… boy did that suck!  My brain sort of feels like a car that spent the last 6 years resting in a garage, then was suddenly forced to drive cross country.  Yikes.  Despite the mental exhaustion, though, I actually feel like I might have done a good job.

If that’s not weird enough, I actually had a *good time* doing the research!  Now, that’s not terribly hard, as the assignment was cool to begin with (find a visual representation of evolution [the theory, not evolution its self] in pop culture and discuss why you think it’s important and what it represents) but I digress.

I originally intended to write about an episode of Numb3rs where Larry (Peter MacNicol) discusses his views on the involvement of the divine in evolution (the original quote was going to be a blog post, ages ago, but it never got past the draft stage) but I had two obstacles. First, I had a very hard time finding a source video that I could include with the paper. The TA said that if need be, as long as it was available on Netflix, I could just reference the episode number and the exact time of the quote and that would suffice. Ok, problem solved, right? Wrong. When I settled in to actually *write* about this marvelous thing that had been on my mind for so long… it turned out I had nothing to say.

Ok, reboot! I scoured the web, I rifled through YouTube and… bam! There it was!

My paper practically wrote its self.

(My favorite part? “Ok, it’s time to reveal my destiny. I’m the manifestation of tens of millions of centuries of sexual selection you best believe I’m the best of the best of the best of the best…” I love the replacement of rap-ego with natural selection!)


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2 Responses to Natural Selection, Yo

  1. Anne Glass says:

    Can I read the paper sometime? Sounds really interesting. And your brain is just fine. It’s just gonna resist being harnessed and focused for a bit.

  2. Alice says:

    Absolutely! I’m going to get notes back on Monday and submit the final version next Wednesday – perhaps I could show it to you in between the two, in case you have any additional notes? 🙂

    Thanks muchly, Mama.

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