I Heart the Royal Wedding

Alright, it’s 4:30am, the moon has just risen, the pageantry has begun, and I’m awake!

I still haven’t decided on who I’m going to stick with for coverage, so I’m flipping back and forth between MSNBC and TLC. (Side note, remember when TLC actually stood for The LEARNING Channel? Yeah.)

TLC is actually currently doing a very in depth analysis of the arriving hats, I love this! *Hats* are one of the most glorious quirks of the English. They also serve as a great beacon in a crowd! “Hey, where’s mum?” “I dunno, look for the chartreuse ostrich plume atop the impossible felt spire.”

How on earth do these hats stay ON? Glue? Staples?

Someone just used the phrase “Westminster is a tweet-free zone today”. Certain phrases always sound funnier when coming from stuffy British gentlemen.

Alright, they’re on to one of their favorite time wasters, asking various designers how they would dress Catherine Middleton today if given the chance. Yawn, back to MSNBC.

Ok, we’re actually covering the guest arrivals at Westminster! Someone mentioned last night that they had seen trees going into the church and there they are, wow. The Beckhams, meh, boring… but Sir Elton John and his partner! I have to admit, I was kind of hoping he’d wear a fabulous hat today.

Rowan Atkinson hasn’t been spotted yet, but he is due to attend today. Gonna take a break and watch Mr. Bean Goes to Church. Hallelujah

It truly seems like every single person in London (with a healthy dose of non-Londoners who have traveled to be there) is out on the streets somewhere today! They’re doing some interviews with folks here and there, and everyone’s just adorable! One group, when asked if they had broken out the champagne a little early, replied “nah, s’Red Bull and vodka! En’t slept yet!”

They found a group of American girls hanging out in one of the parks who are all dressed up, fancy hats and all, because they just really wanted to be able to tell their kids, years from now, that they had done it.

The Prime Minister just arrived, and his wife isn’t wearing a hat, how weird! But she’s wearing a real doozie of a necklace, wow.

Ok so I know I was underwhelmed by the arrival of the Beckhams before, but oh that man can wear a morning suit, wow.

The princes have just left for Westminster! There was a lot of coverage on what vehicles everyone would be traveling to and from the ceremony in, and while it’s no fancy carriage like one his father rode in to his own wedding, it’s quite the car!

Kate will be riding to Westminster in a Rolls Royce, a far cry from the fairy tale transportation Diana had 30 years ago. But someone, I forget who, said this actually makes quite a bit of sense. Diana, before her wedding, was already a Lady and arrived as such. Kate will be arriving a commoner and *leaving* a princess, riding back to the Palace in, I believe, one of the grandest carriages they have to offer (if the weather holds). This, however, made a lot more sense before I realized that William would also be arriving in a car, oops!

Ok, the princes have arrived and the bells of Westminster are going nuts! After being inundated with coverage of Diana and Charles’ wedding, I can already say that I just generally *like* the look of this boy better! Charles, for whatever reason, looked like he just didn’t want to be there in most of the footage I’ve seen. William, on the other hand, looks like a charming-but-nervous bridegroom, and you can practically see the joy oozing out of him!

The rest of the Royals just departed Buckingham Palace in a string of vans, it’s oddly casual looking!

They’re still in transit, but the bride’s mom and brother just arrived. They just look stunned, like they still can’t believe where life has taken them. They look like they expect to be ‘found out’ and asked to leave at any moment, hah.

I still don’t understand how these women keep their hats on.

Charles and Camilla departed! The Queen and Philip departed!

Ok so the arrival of Prince Charles and Camilla, not bad. She looks very lovely, but not sensational, which I think is kind of perfect.

The Queen looks great in yellow! I love how much glass these state cars have, awesome. She is one resilient lady, with a presence far larger than her actual stature. And the pin-tucks at the yolk of her dress are wonderful, too!

The flower girls are on their way… the youngest one is 2 I believe? That is just a car full of girls who all look like they’re living their dream right now!

They’ve been GLUED on Kate’s hotel for a while now, and she’s finally in sight! Hair down as predicted, lace and long sleeves as predicted, and she actually *fits* in the car so it’s on the sleeker side.

I love the fact that this girl actually waves with enthusiasm!

You don’t see that kind of lace upper in many wedding dresses these days… well, scratch that, I bet we’re about to see *tons* of them…

There is a whole crowd of little kids in absolutely adorable dresses and precious uniforms surrounding Kate’s sister. That may just be the cutest wedding party ever.

And Kate has arrived. Wow.

It’s sleek, modern, classic, elegant. Damn, girl.

The bouquet is perfect too – just the right size, as she’s rather tall and slender. And the tiara under her veil is kind of reminiscent of the one Diana wore, adding a beautiful little element of continuity. This is, as one commentator on MSNBC said, one of the most perfect wedding dresses. It encompasses everything a wedding dress should.

And the ceremony has begun!

Whatever Harry is saying to his brother, he’d better cut it out, William looks like he’s about to crack up…

Someone said earlier that the first hymn would be the same as the last one played at Diana’s memorial? I’ll check up on that later…

The trees really add an amazing visual element to this.

Back to something I said earlier – Kate, William, and their entire wedding party just look so damn happy to finally be here. The smiles, the little whispers, the barely-contained glee… I love this!!

You can tell which people are tone-deaf by the faces of the people around them.

Seriously, William and Katherine are about a split second away from bursting into belly-laughs!

I learned this week, by the way, that Royal wedding rings, for years now, have all been made from the same nugget of Welsh gold that was gifted to someone ages ago. They were given a new nugget after Diana’s wedding, for future rings.

I bet you could hang at least three of those rings from the (Clergy-guy)’s eyebrows.

At the Amen following their being pronounced man and wife, you could hear the crowd outside go wild!

Time for Kate Middleton’s brother’s reading… he looks like he should be in the cast of Gossip Girl (and her sister is a little Jersey Shore… perhaps a little less tanning my dear, you’re so pretty!) but he did a great job.

Hey, Lord Bishop of London, excellent homily! I’m not going to quote any of it here, I’m sure that with a few clicks you’ll be able to find it online within a day or so.

I wonder… is there some small group of Americans who are offended by the fact that there is, essentially, a Protestant mass running on dozens of channels right now?

Phillip is starting to look like… Hm, I think I see a little Sid Ceasar in him.

Ok, now it’s just a matter of paperwork, and they’ll be married for realsies! I like to think that they’ll take a moment while they’re back there to jump up and down while holding hands for a moment.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!

They hop into their carriage and ride off together, and the *Queen* waits for her ride. How often do you get to see that?

This girl has some serious Grace Kelly class going on, I adore it.

I learned, while watching one of the Charles/Diana specials, that it is traditional for the bride’s father and the groom’s mother to ride back to Buckingham Palace together. I wonder what they did instead of this, did Kate’s parents just ride together?

So the queen chose a covered carriage to make sure the attention stayed fully on the young couple – it seems like she is MORE than happy to allow the spotlight to sit firmly on the future of her royal family!

It just dawned on me now – they had been fearing rain, but it seems to have held out so far! What luck!

Well, everyone’s arrived at Buckingham Palace, the guests are leaving Westminster, the wedding party is probably off somewhere taking pictures… I’m gonna take a little nap.


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