Fat-Off: March

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Jason –
Alice – 274 (nothin’)

I really hadn’t considered just how much February was going to suck. Yeah, January was full of “meh”, a general lack of enthusiasm and motivation. But February was just a full on failure. Various infections (ear, sinusitis, unconfirmed strep) kept me benched for the majority of the month. The antibiotics made me feel like crap when I finally went to the doctor. The few times I *did* get up and do something, I paid for it dearly later. February’s lesson was just to lay low and wait for it to be over.

We were almost at the end of the month when things finally took a turn for the better. A week ago, for dad’s birthday, we went to Dave & Busters! I was out, moving around, *doing* stuff, having a great time! And at the end of the day, I felt pretty good!

It was like a switch was thrown. From there, we counted off the last few days of February, and I could hear a sigh of relief from my entire body when we officially entered March.

The days are getting longer, the winds less biting and brutal, the streets are no longer clogged with snow… and my body’s craving good food!

For a week now, I’ve had breakfast every day. Oatmeal and some version of a fruit shake. My own peach or mixed berry if I have time, or a store-bought “green machine” if not. I can feel movement and life creeping back into my blood. I’m even going to pick up the Wii Fit from mom’s house later today and give that a try!

Sure, February sucked, but I think March is gonna make up for it 🙂

(as before, I’ll edit to add Jason and Brendan’s thoughts, if they have any.)


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Massage therapist, knitter, baker, animal lover, reformed pack-rat, sometimes-dancer, car-singer, and so much more.
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