Year In Review

What a pleasant surprise, this fat-off will have THREE participants!

Brendan (the brother), Jason (the boyfriend) and I have officially started the fat-off, and I’ll be keeping track of our thoughts and progress right here. I’m all about aiming high, but realistically high, so I think for now I’ll commit to checking in with weights and progress once a month…

After clearing it with both boys, I’ve decided to publish our *actual* weights, not just “pounds lost” or something silly like that. We should be honest with ourselves, accountable for who we are… weight is just a number, anyway, right?

Without further ado, lets see where we stand as of today!

Weight – 280

Weight – 243

Weight – 275


About Alice

Massage therapist, knitter, baker, animal lover, reformed pack-rat, sometimes-dancer, car-singer, and so much more.
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